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Making every
Christmas memorable


Trees grown just for you

We believe in the natural and healthy way of things. This idea is reflected in our trees. We take care year round to make sure we are growing the best healthy trees to make your Christmas the best it can be. Our family-owned christmas tree farm has a great selection for you and your family. Find yours >

We hope to see you soon

Prairie Woods Christmas tree farm is located fifteen miles southwest of Lincoln, Nebraska, on 5 ½ acres of prairie land. Planting of the trees began in 2002 and each year around 200 trees are added. There is a smattering of white pine trees but mostly fir trees are grown. Get Directions >

Special Care for your tree

Do you need a few tips and tricks to keep your fresh natural tree around longer? There are many ways to keep your tree looking beautiful and healthy, let us share them with you. Find out how >

Don't buy yours in a box

Natural is the way to go, let's go back to the basics. Find out what they don't tell you about artificial trees. Get the latest facts about why you shouldn't buy your tree in a box. Find out now >